somebody ask me questions before I doe of boredom. Pls.

ask me questions while I’m on vacation so I’m not so damn bored.

I’m so out of it.
Someone ask me questions.
Be my friend. Pls.

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Love is never a mistake.
There may be lessons learned, but the emotions you emit and feel, are worth every single second. Emotions are felt differently every time, and Love will always change. I am in Love, and I have never felt this type of Love before. It is different and I am enjoying it. I Love it because it is my life, and this is what my life is all about; Living.

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my followers think I’m cute, yet they don’t put aaaanything in my ask box.

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5 random facts about me

1. I’m in Love with Music and Love.
2. I also Love the moon and roses.
3. I like intelligent ladies with an adventurous mind.
4. I hate mayo. Very much.
5. My favorite thing to do is write. And I could do it for hours.

"You can never experience true Love
with the wrong person."

— Unknown

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Fuck. Not again.

I feel it.
I feel it creeping up behind me with a baseball bat, just waiting to bash my brains in. But, I won’t let it. I keep looking back. I keep turning my back on the moment to focus on it. I can’t seem to let it go. Something seems different about it this time, though. She doesn’t seem to have a bat in her hand, but a bow and her only ammunition being a metal ice pick. I feel that she can use that bow any moment to shoot that ice pick straight through me, but she hasn’t. I already let her so close that I can feel the ice pick being slowly stabbed through my chest. I feel that cold metallic rod so close to my heart that it’s beating has become able to touch the rod. It’s so close to piercing the small, vital, Cuore; that I can’t get it out of my chest. I want it there. I want her to stab it through my chest and let it poke out of my back. I want her. She wants me. Can I trust it? I don’t know? I want to trust it. I want to need it. I want her to take that fucking ice pick out of my chest and stab it straight through my fucking skull. I think she might have done that first? I can’t stop thinking of her. I don’t want to.




What’s wrong with me ?
Do I not Love myself ?
Where is she ?
Is she gone forever, only to meet again in hell ?

Fuck you.
I didn’t want this to happen.
I Loved you so much
My heart and lungs
Are now collapsed in.
I don’t think you realized
I needed you more than my friends.
But now I can’t see your face,
Without seeing our end.

You’re in my dreams,
And now they’re nightmares.
I hope they don’t come true
They contain my worst fears.
So, I sleep my life away
To try and see your fucking face
And I can tell you
It’s not not helping with this whole
Depression thing.

Can you please,
Oh please, leave.
I haven’t completely forgotten
you took a piece of me.


Hate and Love.
Problems and Drugs.
Girls and Guys.
Fags and Dikes.
Fighting and making up.
Separating and making Love.
Planes and cars.
The Moon, the Sun, and the stars.
Skinny and Fat.
White and Black.
Educated and Forgotten.
The Ripe and the Rotten.
Friends and Enemies.
Safe and Deadly.

This world is a place of wonder,
we Love ourselves, but
Not each other.


— D.R. (


There are so many four letter words in the dictionary that I find it hard to distinguish each one. However, one word is used often, and is quite known to everyone around. This word is temporarily unknown to you, but I’m sure you have an idea of what that word is. Let me explain this word:

This word is a very strong, and useful word. Some, take this word for granted and use it in every which way. This word is a feeling that conquers all feelings. This feeling is overwhelming, and can take over your life. Everyone around the world, knows about this feeling. Every person has experienced, and used this word. When this word is directed towards you by another person; it can make you weaker or stronger, depending on who that person is, and how intensely the word is used. When you are enticed by this word; you can’t eat, or sleep, or think. One problem about this word, is that you have no idea whether or not to believe it, once it’s said towards you. It can make or break you. Do you now have a better idea of what the word is? I guarantee you, that you don’t know the correct word. Say this word. Say it loud. Feel this word, and know how to use it.
The word is, Hate. The use is up to you.


— Me (

It troubles me that not everyone I come across makes an impact on me. I get sad when I think the person sitting besides me is eventually going to die along with everyone else in the room. I get happy when I see a child laughing. I don’t feel anything when I lay in bed and stare at the ceiling. I get angry when I can’t do anything right. I’m always angry. I get frustrated when people do things the way I don’t want them to be done. I find beauty in every human being, besides myself. I am in Love with every way attention grabs and suffocates me. I crave Love in the simplest ways. I am in Love with Life, but Life doesn’t Love me back. I need people, but people don’t need me. I simply need Love in order to Live, and I’m not getting any.